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We understand not all property is created equal.  We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor bespoke management to suit both owner and property.  Each client is individual, with unique goals for their property, and we want to help achieve those goals.


We are an independent company which allows us to focus on your unique requirements, providing adaptable solutions with no need to comply with “Head Office” corporate policy.  Our independence is what makes us nimble on our feet and can adjust instantly to the needs of our clients. 


Our company culture is centred on openness, and this extends beyond our office workspace and right to our clients.  Our goal is to provide open communication around what we do for you, with full disclosure around our practices, dealings, transactions and agreements all being open for verification while still respecting your privacy and confidentiality.  We want you to ask!


about ethos.


We created Ethos Property Management to bring building owners bespoke, independent and transparent commercial property and body corporate management.    We are a progressive, forward thinking company with a combined 27 years experience in commercial property and body corporate management.  We are passionate about working with property owners and making their investments the best they can be.


To deliver a unique, responsive and independent property management service with client-focussed and results-driven returns for our clients.


Nicky Morgan

20 years experience in both commercial property and body corporate management including national Government clients such as Office of Treaty Settlements (Dept. of Justice) and Ministry of Education.   

Andrew Hugill

6 years experience in both commercial property and body corporate management.  Andrew is an active property investor with a life long passion for the Hamilton CBD and commercial property.

Debbie Lawrence

With over 25 years in all aspects of Business Administration,  Debbie is the glue in Ethos keeping us compliant, managing owner funds and keeping our contractors happy.  Debbie has a great eye for detail and is often the unsung hero when it comes to keeping things ticking over.

About Ethos

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